Monday, May 5, 2014

Helpers of Your Joy

2Corinthins 1:24 Not for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your joy: for by faith ye stand.

     All who have tasted the joy that the Lord brings have known a peaceable pleasure that is wrought from Heaven itself and placed in the spirit of the saints.  Far to often we forfeit such a fundamental element of our Christianity.  Sin grows in the soul, and we become accustomed to fixing our hearts on temporal happiness.  Sin brings weakness, and in that state our attention begets a narrow focus on self.  Dear believer, do not faint at the feet of your present condition.  God desires better things for His elect!  And in these better things are the vital roles of ministry established.  They who minister are helpers of our joy. 
     Has your pastor rebuked your sin?  Then it is so that you may find a place of repentance and increase in joy!  Has he encouraged you while in weakness?  That is also for your joy.  Far to often we scorn at those who correct us.  We see one way but God has shown him- as a watcher for you soul-another path.  Rebuke hits a deep nerve, for none of us like correction.  Encouragement  is sweet like honey and is good to receive,  yet both are vital to your continuing joy.  The role of the minister is neither to dominate your faith nor exercise his self-will.  Yet the ministry is working in glorious harmony with the Holy Spirit pointing people to God's will which should dominate every life. 
     Has your joy been diminished?  Then seek the face of a loving God who cares for your soul.  Seek those whom God has appointed to be the ambassador of His Word.  Do not be like those who shunned Jesus instead of receiving life!  Seek out the true treasures of Christ . If our joy is full, then our strength shall return.