Friday, September 11, 2015

What about the Missing Link?

     When people try to turn monkeys into man, it only makes fairytales look all the more viable.  We were always taught that if you kiss a frog and he turns to a prince it must be a fairytale. However, somewhere down the line (beginning at Charles Darwin) we have learned that if you add millions of years to the equation, the frog to prince idea becomes true.

     Recently, a man by the name of Lee Berger has made his way again into the mainstream media.  I say again, because since 2008 Berger has been given much attention by national broadcasters due to the finding of skeletal parts named Sediba, (later named Karabo) and now has gained national attention again due to another discovery in Africa.  This new discovery named Homo naledi, is said by Berger to be a pre-human, bipedal ape, taking us back to the root of human evolution.

     THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.  People are taught of a supposed fossil record from a young age in school.  And though it doesn't exist, it is propagated so well, so often, and so convincingly, that to even think that it could be questioned is to be ridiculed and scorned as unintelligent and unsophisticated.  And after all, Christianity hasn't always done the best job of teaching their own people of what truths science yields.  So through what seems to be a logical body of proof, the endorsement of the experts, and the peer pressure of friends, many Christians yield their faith. 

       Everyone has a presupposed bias, and it is very strong.  An experiment was done by the university of Michigan and recited by the Boston Globe on how facts backfire.  It was found that when facts confronted an ingrained error in people, most people clearly rejected the facts and then embraced the error more strongly.  Bias is the brains way of not having to reach a conclusion every time you approach something you have encountered before.  Believe it or not that little piece of real-estate, the brain, uses a lot of calories when thinking through things, so therefore, we have the gift of bias.  However, bias is only as good as the truth it is rooted in.  Many paleontologists have an evolutionary bias (as well as the media) and therefore interpret facts to fit in the evolutionary mind frame.  We as Christians have a different perspective, and interpret facts through the Bible.  These are opposing mindsets and will always be at odds.  But what do the facts say of the supposed missing links?

     Walter Brown, writer of the book called In The Beginning, has a Ph.D. from M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  He has spent twenty-one years as the chief of science and technology studies for the Air Force due to the fact he is a very fine and reputable scientist.  Dr. Brown has called out the elephant in the room concerning the fossil records.  They do not exist.  At least not how we are told.  There are fossils, however, hopeful evolutionists constantly make new twists in the truths to try to write the fossil record according to their evolutionary bias.  Why new twists?  Because the old ones are continually disproven.  They don't stand.  Dr. Brown is not the only scientist that debunks the fossil records about human ancestors, there are many more who are constantly going to this side, seeing that studies yield no proof of evolution from monkey to man.  Whereas many laugh at Christians for their beliefs in creation, the actuality is evolutionists have given the world much more laughable material.  Riddled is our history with scams and failures, in which paleontologist found their missing links in the final month their funding was to run out. 

Here is a view of the fossil record:

1. Piltdown man - an admitted hoax that still exists in some textbooks.  Most are honest enough to point this out in teaching, but look at the misinformation it caused for years.  Skull fragments and a jaw bone, which the latter was artificially stained to appear older than it was

2.  Ramapithecus - was considered for years to be the largest category of traditional ape men.  The evidence prior to 1978 they built a belief on was only a few teeth and jaw bones.  Now proven an ape and probably an ancestor of the orangutan, another category of ape-like men became unfruitful.

3. Nebraska man - One tooth was found.  From it artists were hired and paintings of an ape-like man and his wife were rendered to show children (and the world) what apes on their way to becoming men looked like.  The tooth - it turned out to be a PIGS tooth.  All this indoctrination built on a pigs tooth.  This is how determined people are to support something that has no evidence. 

4.  Peking man - was classified as homo errectus, signifying as you can guess by the name, an erect human that is biped - or walks primarily on two legs.  It is now discovered these were the remains of apes who were decapitated and exploited for food by man.  Many experts agree the homo errectus designation should have never been created.  They are still trying hard aren't they?

5.  Homo Habilis - First limb discovered, proportions found to match that of an ape, not at all like a human.  That's what you would expect to happen if you found an ape's arm.  The proportions would match that of an ape.  Therefore the classification of homo or manlike should never have been used. 

6.  Australopithecines -  This is the category where the infamous Lucy is to be found.  The initial thought of evolutionists was that the body appeared to be sized between  an ape and a man. Several precise computer studies have shown otherwise.  Inner ear bones match that of an ape and chimpanzee but not at all like humans.  A study of the knee alone led evolutionists to say that Lucy walked upright.  Now a more complex study involving more than the knee (the pelvis primarily determines how walking is done) shows that Lucy did indeed swing from trees, not walk on two feet.  It is amazing how the misinformation drew so much national media attention and the better information that set the record straight did not.

7.  Neanderthal man, Cro-Magnon, - These are human.  Again artists were paid to render drawings of these people that look in their fleshly parts less human.  Neanderthal man was hunched over, so the suggestion was he was "on the way up."  Actually these suffered from arthritis and rickets disease a disease acquired from lack of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate leading to weakening bones.  These people were on their way down not on their way up.  It is also interesting to note the different types of human bones discovered in isolated parts of the world.  This is not evolution trial and error.  This is the same genetic isolation we see in todays world.  Different parts of the world yield different types people in the bone records.  Some shorter, some taller, some wider and ect.  However, this is seen in todays world.  For instance in Africa the people look vastly different than Europe.  Asian people are distinguishable from Arab people.  Why is this?  Because the DNA that make up the physical features were isolated for years to geographical regions.  Men in parts of Europe are commonly taller than men from Korea.  But we are all human.  No one argues that Neanderthal man, etc. was human. 
     An easy way to distinguish an ape skull from a human skull is if it can wear glasses.  The ears are not on a skull, so it is up to the nose to hold them up.  An apes nose is all soft tissue, and a humans nose is bone without soft tissue.  This is why apes cannot break their nose and we can.

8.  Sediba or Karabo - Lee Berger's previous find.  Claimed to be bi-pedal, yet the pelvis was missing vital parts to determine that.  The missing parts were reconstructed from imagination, having no blueprint to build from.  So in the drawings, of course, you would reimagine the pelvis as being able to be biped if that fits your agenda.  This is a repeat mistake made with the infamous Lucy, who was proclaimed biped, and now is well known not to be.  A couple of years later when the name Karabo was assigned, it came complete with another imaginative computer rendering of the bones.  In the image the bones are given human-like eyes and neatly trimmed facial hair.  A smile is also given to proffer the appearance of a human.  The disturbing thing is that the average person will look at a picture like this and think it is reality.  Yet, the reality is the computer drawing did not even match the skull, it was drawn with purposeful deviation to make it appear more human.  What deception!  Further more, bones don't smile, nor do they tell use the ape could trim his facial hair.  Fossilized skulls simply do not retain expressive eyes, a nose, or especially the smile. 

     Now we see a new skeletal "missing link" has been found in Africa by Lee Berger.  It shall of necessity suffer the same fate as other "missing links" in due time.  I have not seen enough to examine the new skeleton and form a conclusion, but, if as Christians we know that God created man, we also know then that a missing link can never be found.  You cannot find what does not exist.  This list is not exhaustive but it is sufficient to show God's people that the Bible is true, and mankind is trying to do everything possible to get rid of God, so that they will not be accountable to Him. 

     Genesis 1:27  says, " So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  With this in mind ,Christians can stop looking in dirt to find their self-worth and start looking in the Bible.  We have a loving Creator who gave his Son Jesus to die for our sins so that we through faith in His death burial and resurrection can experience a loving eternity away from the presence of sin.   

     Amazingly, there are still many who write articles using the same stale information to support evolution that has long been proved less than factual.  It is presented as absolute truth but is far from it.  The amount of inconsistencies are astonishing to say the least, and their findings leave more doubt than answers to anyone who is without a preconceived bias towards evolution.  This bias is so severe that many evolutionists are working hard to try to create life from non -life chemicals to bolster their hopes.  Life has NEVER been shown to come from non-life, and we have never observed new information being added to DNA which causes a species to change out of its own "kind." Both of these never observed impossibilities are necessary for the model of evolution to be valid.  Though there is a lot of rhetoric on the internet, the facts are that there is no provable remains of any human evolution (monkey to man) or macro evolution, species changing species.  Many will promote MICRO evolution as MACRO evolution.  There is a difference.  Micro evolution deals with changes within the "kind".  The example of dogs getting shorter, taller etc.  Macro evolution says dogs turn to frogs or such, this has never been observed.  Mutations are a part of microevolution, mistakes from the Hox gene which works like a relay to allow or stop the production of body parts.  If a fly is exposed to radiation he may grow an extra leg or possibly gain an extra eye out of place.  This is still not addition of new information to the DNA which is necessary for evolution.  This is the same information being duplicated or withheld by the "misfiring" Hox gene.

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